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Untreated milky misty light yellow star sapphire cabochon loose gemstone

Untreated milky misty light yellow star sapphire cabochon loose gemstone

A loose star sapphire that has a light milky misty colour like that of traditional homemade cloudy lemonade.


The sapphire is untreated and unheated, this is natural sapphire mined from Earth.


The sapphire has a six ray star sapphire with a very fine and pure 6 ray star.


This sapphire is cabochon, the polishing is smooth and fine and of the highest quality, there is one blemish of sorts which shows so please bear this in mind when purchasing and understand that being natural it is not perfect, the blemish is due to how the sapphire grows on the host rock and while the sapphire could be reshaped it would lower the cts and therefore not be such a large and bold sapphire, the blemish is not noticeable from the top nor would it be when worn.


The sapphire is a lovely 9.928ct weight and being 10.37mmX13.88mmX6.63mm this will be noticed and be the envy of friends if jewellery and prominent if part of a collection.


The piece comes with a gem report from the IGL detailing the gem however if the buyer wants to get and GIA report or IGI report the buyer can and return the gem for a refund if the gem is anything other than untreated sapphire.


*The star is shown using a camera flash however this I use for every listing I do.


Please note that photos will appear different, monitor to monitor however I do not use any photo modification, photo adjustment or special lighting.

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