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Oval faceted green Kunzite Earth mined gemstone

Oval faceted green Kunzite Earth mined gemstone

An Earth mined green Kunzite.


The Kunzite has a light mint green colour, it is light and refreshing and a great summer or Winter gem.


The Kunzite is irradiated which is a safe process which mimics what would happen by the Earth, the gem is NOT radioactive so don't worry with regard to wearing it, it is safe and many gems are irradiated such as most blue topaz, most kunzites and most fancy coloured diamonds. 


The gem is slightly chipped from the faceting, hence the cheaper price but this lends itself to the gem being a great gem to practice mounting gem if you are creating your own jewellery.




The colour is more of a mint light colour, the video for example is showing a more blue look so please do understand that, the piece is a light mint like a prasiolite.


Please note that photos will appear different, monitor to monitor however I do not use any photo modification, photo adjustment or special lighting.

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