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Antique 1800s apple green Jadeite A Jade brush rest untreated Earth mined gem

Antique 1800s apple green Jadeite A Jade brush rest untreated Earth mined gem

This is a one off item, this is a brush rest.

A brush rest is as it sounds, a place to rest ones brushes, for this item it would be calligraphy brushes and it is a way for an artist to express themselves.

This is a particularly lovely item I think, it is still useable if one desires to do that but one its own, without brushes it is a quintessential piece of Chinese art, minimalist yet exuberant, it says so much without saying much.

See photos for colours, the colour of the green is an apple and fresh green, soft and vibrant, reminiscent of the grassy meadows around and up mountains and the pine trees that grow up them.
The white is pure yet has some darkness, just enough to be as the shadow of the rock underneath the snow at the peaks and parts of mountain ranges.

I am unsure of the exact origin of this art but I imagine it would have been owned by high society as having such a piece commissioned back then would be hugely costly due to the lack of machine tools and the notorious necessity of an elite carving skill to achieve such a result, not just that but this is apple jade and back then apple jade was he most desirable and this has lots of apple colour as one can see.

This whole piece is carved by hand, the slopes of the mountain are etched by hand, the angular styling is a nod to the shark high peaks of so many mountains of Western China, the angular and nibbled and rough seeming areas are there for a reason. There are no chips of sharp areas like that of a break or a crack.

There ARE some natural crack/flaw lines throughout which is common with Jadeite and that is part of Jadeite, the gem is like that and the item is not broken so do please see the images, have a cup of tea, think if you like it (I think the buyer will be pleased) and decide on it.

Reproductions, modern brush rests though beautiful are common, originals such as this are not.

Please note that photos will appear different, monitor to monitor however I do not use any photo modification, photo adjustment or special lighting.

Please look through the photos well and see the details and feel free to ask any questions

Due to the value, the items are in storage and therefore if purchased, it will take up to 2 weeks to remove from insured storage and then send to the buyer, please only purchase if that is not a problem.


More photos can be seen here: Please note that there is a 5% discount by purchasing it from this site rather than Etsy.

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