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7.02ctsEarth mined oval faceted heated only

7.02ctsEarth mined oval faceted heated only

Like the best jelly bean, this  sapphire/ruby is smooth and glowing and a soft light but rich pinkish red.


7.02cts is great, true cocktail size.


The item is better than the images ofthe gem but better to underpromise and overdeliver than a buyer be unhappy. I am to please my buyers.




The gem is heated but heated only.

What is only heated and what does it mean?

Most sapphires are heated and this is a way to improve the colour and this is a common accepted treatment, the sapphire/sapphires is/are still desirable. This method is not the same as lead glass filling or beryllium treating of sapphire which produces worthless sapphires that are unnatural.


The gem is guaranteed to be ruby/sapphire with only low heat treatment and not beryllium treated or lead glass filled and Prelovedbargains/Treasurentreats accepts returns up to 1 calendar year so that the buyer can check with GIA and IGI to know for sure their gems are as sold. My shop on Etsy, Prelovedbargains has a few hundred gems and many 5 star reviews so buy with confidence. 


Please look through the photos well and see the details and feel free to ask any questions.


Please note that photos will appear different, monitor to monitor however I do not use any photo modification, photo adjustment or special lighting.


Worldwide shipping.

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