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2ct Kashmiri untreated oval faceted loose blue sapphire IGI + IGITL gem

2ct Kashmiri untreated oval faceted loose blue sapphire IGI + IGITL gem

A gorgeous light velvet lilac pastel cornflower blue sapphire from Kashmir.


This gemstone is a one off natural gemstone with a mixed cushion faceting.


The faceting is fantastic as one would expect from such a gem and from Prelovedbargains/Treasurentreats. Treasurentreats prides itself with bringing the best of the best to its' valued buyers, this piece is some of the best of the best of the best.


The ct weight of this sapphire is 2ct and is a 7.73mmX6.16mmX4.26mm gem.


This gemstone has two gemstone certificates, one is from the IGITL and it states the gem being from Kashmir and untreated and the other is from the IGI, IGI not able to determine the origin but everything else is there, the ct weight, the size, the colour and lack of treatment.


This stone is completely natural, untreated, no glass, no beryllium as I have stated and I stand by my guarantee, the buyer can have this stone tested by GIA too if they so want, 1 year extended warranty. Any treatments found return stone for full refund.


Please look through the photos well and see the details and feel free to ask any questions


Due to the value, the item is in storage, if purchased, it will take up to 2 weeks to remove from insured storage and then send to the buyer, please only purchase if that is not a problem.


Please note that photos will appear different, monitor to monitor however I do not use any photo modification, photo adjustment or special lighting.


Please visit my Etsy boutique and my mothers Etsy boutique;

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