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14.50ct freeform cabochon fairy opal rainbow opalised black sandstone

14.50ct freeform cabochon fairy opal rainbow opalised black sandstone

This for sale here is a fairy opal with bold vivid colours.


What is fairy opal? Fairy opal refers to a natural organic gem that is Australian sandstone with trace sprinkles of opal growing throughout, this occurs naturally as a product of nature. The sandstone acts as the "matrix" or base rock from which the opal gem grows, due to the amount being only a dusting it creates a contrast with the space black host rock and the galactic colours of the opal.


The gem has been stabilised meaning it is treated with a surface layer of a natural sugar to act as a polished surface so that one can enjoy the gem, this treatment is stable and shouldnot have any issues, the treatment is done common to fariy opal/opalised sandstone.


14.50cts of material. 



The images wash out the opal due to the light, it looks better than the listing.

Please note that photos will appear different, monitor to monitor, however I do not use any photo modification, photo adjustment or special lighting.


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